Welcome to Classic Components

Welcome and thank you for choosing Classic Components, among the world's largest Independent Distributors of electronic components serving technology companies worldwide. For over 25 years, Classic has been providing its customers with innovative supply chain solutions and programs that support productivity, enhance profitability and minimize risk exposure due to material imbalances and unpredictable supply/demand fluctuations in the electronics distribution industry

CSI Program

Classic has developed its CSI program to provide our customers with the highest level of quality assurance through a rigorous and intensive product inspection process.

Customized Solutions

Classic offers customized solutions for ever-changing inventory management needs.

Partner of Choice

With our strong financial position, operational resources, and extensive global footprint Classic stands alone as the partner of choice for many top tier OEM and CEM providers.



Why We Are Green

Classic Components is committed to triple bottom line performance: Economic, Environmental and Social. In all aspects of our business we endeavor to balance these three tenets to insure sustainable business practices.