Excess Inventory

We want to buy your Excess electronic components inventory! Email your list to: btanner@class-ic.com or call us at (310) 257-5011.

Classic Components offers a comprehensive Excess Electronics Inventory Program to help you manage obsolete parts and electronic components. No matter what type of excess inventory, transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, semiconductors, switches, connectors, even IT products and integrated circuits in obsolescence, Classic can help you sell your Excess Inventory by finding the right strategy with our Excess Electronics Inventory Program.

Send your Excess Inventory list to btanner@class-ic.com or call (310) 257-5011 to speak directly with our highly experienced Excess Inventory Purchasing contact. We will do everything we can to sell your Excess Inventory at the highest possible cost.

There are many ways our Excess Electronics Inventory Program can help you sell your excess inventory and turn it into cash:

  • Excess Electronics Inventory Lot Buys
  • Excess Electronics Inventory Shared Consignment
  • Excess Inventory Lot Bids
  • Excess Inventory Scrapping & E-Waste Recycling Services
  • Excess Material Cost Savings Buys

We pay cash and can wire money directly to buy excess inventory from you.

Send us your Excess Inventory list today to: btanner@class-ic.com or call us at (310) 257-5011.