Strategic Certified Inspection & Test Hubs

With our Strategic Certified Inspection & Test Hubs, Classic can more efficiently support customer material requirements on a global scale by avoiding costly delays and shipping freight charges associated with having only one centralized inspection point. More leading manufacturers throughout the world have turned to Classic for their material support needs.

We offer extensive inspection & electrical test services at the following locations:

Torrance, CA

Hong Kong, China

Based on nearly 35 years of industry experience, Classic has found that the optimal solution for world-class manufacturing organizations is to align themselves with independent distribution business partners that can maintain a consistent global infrastructure, innovative management vision, financial stability and quality assurance practices while simultaneously dedicating their business enterprise to the creation, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of a “Best in Class” quality management system designed to detect and prevent any discrepant materials in the supply chain.

Classic is among only a handful of companies with the global resources, reliable finances, operational footprint, and quality commitment to maintain a system with these capabilities.