Material Cost Reduction

With increasingly sophisticated supply chain planning tools and methodologies, leading technology companies continue to evolve their manufacturing models in an effort to maintain and improve profitability. OEM and EMS companies alike face ever-increasing pressures for incremental revenue growth in the wake of continually rising costs throughout the supply chain from raw materials to transportation; all contributing to shrinking margins and lackluster bottom line performance.

Our Material Cost Reduction (MCR) program enables our Customers to periodically analyze their total materials spend in an effort to selectively and discreetly source a portion of their blended demand through safe and reliable alternative channels. By utilizing Classic’s extensive global network of technology-centered companies along with our vast procurement resources and professionals, our Customers can isolate low risk/low visibility opportunities for driving incremental profitability that supplement their core business strategy for enhanced margin creation.

To become a member of Classic’s Material Cost Reduction Hub, please contact our Global MCR Team.


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