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Packaging Inspection

The start of our packaging inspection covers all industry standard elements such as: examination of original sealed packaging, verification of label and marking authenticity, and identification of discrepant reference information. The resulting evidence, however, may be open to subjective interpretation without the integration of corroborating supporting pieces of evidence into a collective profile.
At Classic, in addition to following industry defined package inspection criteria, our specially trained inspection team uses forensic analysis & profiling to identify evidence from seemingly innocuous information. By increasing our inspection scope to even the tiniest of fragments, we are confident in providing a complete inspection resulting in only the most objective and unerring outcome.


Industry Best Practice: Packaging Level

In accordance with following industry defined standards for package inspection, we conduct all inspection steps such as:

  • Bar code scan
  • Country of origin
  • Seal verification
  • ESD anti-static bags
  • MSL humidity
  • Texture and condition of labels
  • Damage or tampering of packaging

For a full list of standard inspection steps, please contact us at quality@class-ic.com.


Forensic Application: Packaging Level

The standard inspection steps are an excellent foundation, but sometimes lacks depth and doesn’t always account for unexpected outcomes. We improve on steps called out by the standards such as when our inspectors examine packaging to verify similar materials, colors, and sizes. Our team is trained to focus on additional vital details such as:

  • Foreign contaminants either on or inside the box
  • Inconsistent surface patterns on the outer packaging in addition to labels
  • Suspicious ink markings on the packaging materials

For more information about our CSI program, click here.

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