CSI Principles: Why Forensic Science?

Why Forensic Science? To eliminate the risk of counterfeit or sub-standard product from impacting your supply chain.

It is a fact that counterfeiting is criminal enterprise, and should be held to the same investigative principles used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. In the same way crime scene investigators apply forensic science to a crime scene, our CSI Program uses investigative methodologies of forensic science in order to create a highly reliable, scientifically sound framework for our incoming inspection and test processes.

The defined laws of forensic science are particularly relevant when applied to a counterfeit mitigation program:

The Law of Individuality: No two instances are the same

At Classic our inspectors are trained to never treat two instances alike. Each material quality investigation must be treated as unique.

The Law of Progressive Change: Everything changes with the passage of time

At Classic, our Quality program has been designed from the ground up to agile, and able to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances and methodologies of counterfeiters in the modern landscape.

The Law of Probability: All identification are made on the basis of probability

At Classic, our counterfeit mitigation strategy is to relentlessly quantify and categorize the relevant factors of probability especially when material non-conformance are identified. This improves the accuracy of our inspection and test results, giving us the ability to make confident decisions for you.