Excess Inventory

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Classic Components offers a comprehensive Excess Electronics Inventory Program to help you manage obsolete parts and electronic components. No matter what type of excess inventory, transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, semiconductors, switches, connectors, even IT products and integrated circuits in obsolescence, Classic can help you sell your Excess Inventory by finding the right strategy with our Excess Electronics Inventory Program.

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Asset Recovery Solutions

With all the pressures of lean manufacturing disciplines in today’s sophisticated electronics supply chain, it’s hard to believe companies still struggle with the problems associated with Excess inventory.  But even with all the efforts to minimize inventory and balance material requirements with demand estimates, forecasts continue to be based primarily on historical consumption data; which is rarely an accurate assessment of forward-looking demand.  The problem of Excess remains.

Additionally, most OEMs and EMS providers do not possess the necessary resources or market savvy to determine the most effective path to disposition for optimal Return on Asset (ROA).  To further complicate this issue, all participants in the supply chain (Original Component Manufacturer, Distributor, OEM, EMS…) usually remain focused on their own profitability interests and revenue reporting; which often times inhibits a proactive approach to managing the issue.

At Classic Components, we offer a comprehensive service suite for Excess and Obsolete material disposition designed to help our customers optimize their inventory positions and mitigate unnecessary costs associated with the purchase, handling, storing and managing of those production assets.

Classic’s Asset Recovery Solutions provide our customers access to the world’s largest and most experienced sales network in the industry; consisting of 92 sales representative and 48 purchasing agents – one of the most robust trade organizations in the industry. Additionally, with our proprietary database and software systems we can quickly extrapolate cross usage analysis to effectively isolate where your product can be best positioned worldwide for purchase. All this ensures that your excess inventory will be marketed to the most optimal end user in our trade community to drive maximum ROA.

Our inventory management programs, supported by a world-class global fulfillment and logistics operation, can benefit your materials organization by:

  • Improving Workflow Efficiency
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Reducing Overall Cost-to-Carry
  • Minimizing Cash Outlays
  • Improving Quarterly P&L Results
  • Increasing Inventory Turns

To learn more about how Classic can help you maximize RoA (Return on Asset), please contact our Materials Management Group.


Founded in 1985, Classic Components is a full service, independent stocking distributor specializing in Integrated Components, Passives, Interconnect Products and peripherals. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, abundant on-the-shelf inventory and our ability to customize any partnership to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, Classic is also proud to be an authorized distributor for several product lines, offering you a range of sourcing options at competitive pricing.

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Classic offers a Consignment/Shared Recovery service for companies seeking to maximize their return on assets. Material is shipped to our ISO 9001:2008 warehouse at our expense. Tracking of inventory is provided through Classic’s proprietary interactive website, C-Link. This program often provides a higher return on your investment than selling your material outright.

By consigning your Excess & Obsolete inventory to Classic you’ll be able to:

  • More effectively market your inventory through our global trade network
  • Optimize recovery rates over time
  • Reduce carrying costs
  • More accurately track quantity, condition and packaging of items using our proprietary platform, C-Link
  • Free up critical warehouse capacity
  • Realize greater returns through ‘open book’ shared recovery practices
  • Quickly process return requests

To contact one of our sales reps regarding our Consignment service Click here.

Lot Bid / Line Item

If you’re looking to quickly liquidate excess inventory for immediate revenue capture, Classic can provide aggressive pricing to acquire material on a line item basis or for specific lots of Excess and Obsolete inventory.

Details of the programs outlined above can be further tailored to suit your needs.

Please contact us for a material value analysis and quotation.

Critical Production Support

In today’s global marketplace modern supply chains are more dependent than ever on a diverse network of extended trading partners.  To compete, you must be able to effectively adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers, potential natural disasters, socioeconomic and geopolitical shifts that can adversely impact supply continuity – in a word, volatility.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the electronics distribution industry.  Unforeseen changes from a host of factors (some mentioned above) can directly influence a company’s bottom-line by limiting production output, build-to-book, and Customer satisfaction levels.  At Classic, we’ve been helping manufacturing companies in a variety of industry segments for over 30 years bridge supply gaps to meet rigid production schedules and preserve competitive market share by speeding time-to-market.

With our extensive global electronics distribution network and highly-skilled market experts, Classic delivers world class programs and services that help our valued Customers manage the volatility and unplanned disruptions inherent in today’s global supply chain.  So, like so many others…trust Classic with your critical material shortages.  Because the one thing that remains constant in addition to change is, Classic’s commitment to helping you through it!

For assistance with your critical shortage requirements, contact your local Classic sales representative or submit an RFQ now.

Material Cost Reduction

With increasingly sophisticated supply chain planning tools and methodologies, leading technology companies continue to evolve their manufacturing models in an effort to maintain and improve profitability. OEM and EMS companies alike face ever-increasing pressures for incremental revenue growth in the wake of continually rising costs throughout the supply chain from raw materials to transportation; all contributing to shrinking margins and lackluster bottom line performance.

Our Material Cost Reduction (MCR) program enables our Customers to periodically analyze their total materials spend in an effort to selectively and discreetly source a portion of their blended demand through safe and reliable alternative channels. By utilizing Classic’s extensive global network of technology-centered companies along with our vast procurement resources and professionals, our Customers can isolate low risk/low visibility opportunities for driving incremental profitability that supplement their core business strategy for enhanced margin creation.

To become a member of Classic’s Material Cost Reduction Hub, please contact our Global MCR Team. Click to contact

Last Time Buy Services

When facing a Last Time Buy as part of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) services, manufacturers are usually forced into procuring material in support of their customer’s legacy product requirements significantly above acceptable or desired on-hand inventory levels. This can mean appropriating substantial working capital to secure stock, incurring cost of money expense, and allocating time/resources to manage movement of goods, warehousing and storage.

Additionally, as demand signals invariably adjust to reflect changing market conditions the manufacturer may be faced with the additional responsibilities of mitigating material excess positions on behalf of the customer; thus spending even more time and resources on non-revenue generating activities.

With our LTB program, Classic can structure a cost effective alternative solution to managing your organizations Last Time Buys supported by our global warehousing and logistics capabilities. By partnering with Classic our customers are able to:

  • Free up critical working capital for other organizational initiatives
  • Reduce cost through enhanced workflow efficiencies
  • Minimize labor costs associated with managing inventory
  • Optimize ROA (Return on Asset) through timely identification/disposition process
  • Reduce cost of capital by blending direct/indirect procurement
  • Ensure Quality Conformance of product through reliable sourcing channels

To learn more about our Last Time Buy program solution, please click  here to contact our Materials Management Group.

Scrapping & E-Waste Recycling Services

Until such time as manufacturers can deliver a 100% recyclable and reusable product, we will be faced with the issue of E-Waste. Classic Components through its third party vendor network can supply its customers with a suite of services to address end of life and recycling solutions.

Classic Components through its third party vendor network can supply its customers with a suite of services to address end of life and recycling solutions.

Classic is a one stop shop, providing a comprehensive and customized solution set for all types of reverse logistics, including the handling, shipping and storage of all products and materials. We will work with clients to develop a customized reverse logistics solution that complies with all regulatory requirements.

Classic can even manage the recycling and disposal of hard to manage and toxic materials such as the leaded glass in monitors and LED devices. We work with third-party vendors around the globe to process contaminated glass, and other materials to insure that you the customer are getting top dollar for your reclaimed materials while adhering to all regulatory and compliance issues.

To learn more about Classic’s Recycling Services, please contact our Materials Management Group.

Reverse Logistics Services

Classic is committed to assisting its customers with end of life and reverse logistics services. We offer unique solutions and programs that can be customized depending on our customers needs.

Services include:

  1. Recovery Services: At our Torrance location we have a complete warehouse and testing facility dedicated to identifying usable products and components.
  2. Data Destruction: Classic will wipe clean any and all storage devices in accordance with Department of defense standards and industry best practices. Including certificate of destruction if requested.
  3. Recycling: Classic will facilitate the identification, sorting and recycling of any and all electronic devices and materials, while insuring that the customer receives top dollar for reclaimed materials.
  4. Disposition: We will re-market all usable components through our global network or buy the parts our self for stock.

To learn more about Classic’s Reverse Logistics Services, please contact our Materials Management Group.