Asset Recovery Solutions

With all the pressures of lean manufacturing disciplines in today’s sophisticated electronics supply chain, it’s hard to believe companies still struggle with the problems associated with Excess inventory.  But even with all the efforts to minimize inventory and balance material requirements with demand estimates, forecasts continue to be based primarily on historical consumption data; which is rarely an accurate assessment of forward-looking demand.  The problem of Excess remains.
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Consigned Shared Revenue

Classic offers a Consignment/Shared Recovery service for companies seeking to maximize their return on assets. Material is shipped to our ISO 9001:2008 warehouse at our expense. Tracking of inventory is provided through Classic’s proprietary interactive website, C-Link. This program often provides a higher return on your investment than selling your material outright.

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Lot Bid / Line Item

If you’re looking to quickly liquidate excess inventory for immediate revenue capture, Classic can provide aggressive pricing to acquire material on a line item basis or for specific lots of Excess and Obsolete inventory.

Details of the programs outlined above can be further tailored to suit your needs.

Please contact us for a material value analysis and quotation.

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Scrapping & E-Waste Recycling Services

Until such time as manufacturers can deliver a 100% recyclable and reusable product, we will be faced with the issue of E-Waste. Classic Components through its third party vendor network can supply its customers with a suite of services to address end of life and recycling solutions.

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Reverse Logistics Services

Classic is committed to assisting its customers with end of life and reverse logistics services. We offer unique solutions and programs that can be customized depending on our customers needs.

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